For the curious, the "JI BU RI" pronunciation of "Ghibli" comes from the conversion of the word into the Japanese phonetic alphabet for borrowed words, katakana. There is only a set number of possible syllables so they go with what sounds closest to the original pronunciation. There is no way to have a B and an L next to each other without a vowel in the middle and there is no distinction between the sound of an R and L in Japanese... so Ghibli = JIB LEE = ジブリ = JI BU RI

Oh wow, thank you for that explanation, that’s very helpful, and interesting. It always confused me why they pronounced it in such a way, and it also confused them when I used our English pronunciation of Ghibli. They actually didn’t know what I was talking about until I said Totoro (which thankfully is pronounced the same in any language, lol). xox

Do u know when the wind rises comes out in America

Well, it’s hard to know, but it probably won’t be for at least a few years. From Up On Poppy Hill was released in Japan in 2011 and was released in the USA just a few months ago. It all depends how long it takes them (whether it be Disney or another studio) to make an English dub for it. But I would hazard a guess at 2015.

Or you can do what I do, and just watch it in Japanese with English subtitles when it is released on Blu Ray in Japan later this year, hehe ^___^ xoxox

P.S. Oh, and as for your next question, I personally pronounce it all kinds of wrong, I say GEE BLEE, just because… well, when I was younger, I took a guess at how it was pronounced as I had never heard anybody else say it before, and it turns out my guess was wrong, hehe, and habit is a hard thing to change. xoxox

About the pronunciation: That's how I've heard Japanese people say it. I've been to the museum, and that was more or less the consistent manner people had of pronouncing it while I was there.

Yeah, it’s quite confusing. I met a few groups of Japanese people in Istanbul last year, as me being me, I took my Totoro plushie with me on my travels (I’m not normal, especially for a male), and so they would come up to me and talk to me about Ghibli, and they always, always pronounced it JI BUR RI. It all makes me head spin, hehe ^__^ x

everyone ive ever heard say "Ghibli" pronounced it like "jib-lee". just trying to help!!!!!!!! (:

As far as Miyazaki is concerned, that is correct, though, it’s the incorrect pronunciation of the Italian word. If you want the next level of confusion, if you’ve ever heard a Japanese person say Ghibli, they say JI BUR RI or something akin to that. I was trying to find a video of Miyazaki saying it, but alas, I cannot find one… yet. ^__^ xox

"Studio Ghibli" with a hard g (as in goat or the first "g" in gadget) or soft g (as in Geronimo or jiff or the second "g" in gadget)?

Oh gosh, the old ‘gee blee’, ‘gib lee’, ‘jib-lee’ question.

It’s a difficult one to answer, because really, there is no one way to pronounce it. Miyazaki named the studio after an Italian WW2 fighter plane, which in Italian is correctly pronounced GHEE-BLEE. Miyazaki actually mistranslated this word into Japanese, and it ended up as JIB-LEE.

Now just to throw in another level of confusion, the Italians named that WW2 fighter plane after the Sirocco (a warn Mediterranean wind that originates in the Sahara), using a translation of the Arabic word for it, which is Qibli.

That either helped, or confused you further, hehe ^____^ xoxox


Totoro is rather beautiful, isn’t he? Don’t you just want to rub his nose? N’awwwww *rubs his nose* ^_______^ xox

P.S. I’m not normal.

I love you so much thank you for making this blog holy crap :D <3

Haha, I’m glad that you’re enjoying my blog and Studio Ghibli, thank you for the lovely compliment ^_______^ xox

I was wondering if you could tell me which film this came from: post/51881415256 Thanks :)

Hey! ^_^ That is Studio Ghibli’s 1993 release, Ocean Waves. xoxox

Seeing as you're a massive ghibli enthusiast, I've been wondering which film is your least favourite and why. (ps. fantastic blog, I'm constantly in awe of how great it is ^.^)

Hi ^^ Thank youuu, that’s so sweet, I’m happy that you are enjoying the Ghibli I post as much as I do ^_^ xoxox

And hmm… my least favourite… *ponders*… I feel bad for choosing the obvious, but I wasn’t very fond of Tales from Earthsea, I just felt it lacked all of the quality and flare that we expect of a Ghibli.

I echo the last person's sentiments, you've made some cool gifs. I'm particularly fond of many of the Kiki gifs. Some of the Laputa ones are too, like the moss covered Laputan robot or the "Behold, the Thunder of Laputa!" gif, where there isn't as much motion, but there's a great atmosphere to that short moment captured there.

Awww, thank you, that’s so kind, I’m glad that you enjoyed the gifs I have made ^____^ I shall start making some new gifs this week. The only reason I have stopped in recent months is because there’s so many people making Ghibli gifs, it’s hard to make something that’s not already been done. Which is often why I try to make something a little outside of the box and unique ^^ Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s always worth a try. xoxox